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May 21 – Ministry in Cambodia – Miracles of Healing

Dear friends,

I sincerely apologize for my late update on my blog. Though it means that I’ve been that much more busy with ministry here in Cambodia. God’s been doing so many amazing things here and I cannot wait to share more to you all. First of all I want to share this video that I put together which would give a very basic summary of our ministry for the past month.

So here’s a little journal that I’ve been writing since the last blog update. I wanted tell you guys what’s been happening during the ministry here at the Battambang Base. It’s quite long, but bare with me and trust me, some of the things that God’s been doing is so amazing. So here we go.


After one week of crazy life in the remote village, returning back to the YWAM UofN Battambang base, We’ve started to do our official ministry here in Cambodia. In the morning’s we all start the morning by having breakfast at 7AM, at 7:30we do work duty to clean the base for 15minutes. From 8~9AM we have team worship where I’ve had a lot of opportunity to lead our team in worship. dsc01295From 9~12, we all separate and go to different ministry places. Some of us go to the orphanage showing the love that they’ve never received from their parents and teaching them about never-ending love from Jesus. Our heats truly break for these children who really want more love in their lives. I still remember when we first entered into the orphanage about 20~30 children came running towards us hugging us (more like grasping on to us) saying ‘HELLOOO~~~’ with their Cambodian accent. They really want love and we want to give love to them.
But we’re here for such a short time. So the best thing that we can do is to give them as much love as we can give and ask God that He would plan His amazing love in their hearts for rest of their lives. These children are so precious.

A lot my morning ministry is focus in going into the village. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, me and two other teammates have been consistently going to the village playing soccer with the children, teaching English to them, and sharing story about God. As we began to build more friendship with the people in the village, we’ve had a lot more opportunity to share the gospel to them. On Monday, the day after Easter, we shared the story about Jesus how he died on the cross to carry all of our sins and to fill us with his unending love.
dsc01369As my teammate was sharing the story of Easter, I was silently praying and asking for the Holy Spirit to speak through me and share the true love from God. Then the Holy Spirit really used me and spoke through as I had the opportunity to share my testimony, just sharing how I’ve tried so many things in my own power but nothing brought joy in my life until I truly accepted Jesus as my savior and my life has been completely changed. One girl who was listen carefully to our stories, mentioned that she wanted believe in this person, Jesus who would give her more joy in her life. We prayed for her, and she prayed and accepted Jesus as her savior. Then I continued to ask God for more revelation and the Holy Spirit told me to go get some water so we could baptize her. I was quite confused at first, but I knew it was the right thing to do because God was really speaking through me. Even in the Bible, it says that if there is more than two or three fellow Christians to witness their faith, we can baptize. So we did. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we baptized her. It was so powerful. It’s been almost about two weeks since her baptism and Her faith has grown so much. There is so much more confidence in her and we see the hunger inside of her to know more about God and Jesus. That’s not all; other girls and older women in the village have been seeing the change in her life and are truly touch from witnessing the girl’s baptism.


Next part you can read or watch the video or both.

We’ve seen many more salvations during our ministry. One of the greatest thing that I’ve seen was when God used me to heal this man with his right leg and right arm broken. We were showing the Jesus Film at a slums village and during the middle of the film, I noticed a limping man dragging his right leg. I’ve been strongly asking God even before coming to Cambodia that I would be able to see miracles of healing. And that night, when I saw him, I knew that it was the night that God wanted to heal this man. After watching the film, several of us in our team gathered around and began to pray over this one lady, but my heart and thought continued to go to that man. He was looking around us curiously wondering what we were doing (as we were praying) but after a while as if he’s lost interest he began to walk away. The Spirit inside of me began to tell me that I must pray for him right now. So I grabbed one of the translator and went to the man, asked if some where hurt because I saw him dragging his leg. He told us the situation about his broken leg and arm so I just asked him if we could pray. As he nodded, we began asking God to heal this man in the name of Jesus. The first round he said that it still hurt. So we prayed more. Second time he said it felt better. We asked if we could pray one more time and this time he said that the pain has gone away. I asked if he could move his arms around and walk around a bit, he began really move around and with a surprised face saying that most of the pain is gone! I shared to him that God loves him and Jesus loves him and that is why he got healed. We didn’t have much time to stay there so I couldn’t be there to see him accept Jesus, but as we left I saw another woman who knew the Lord sharing about Christ to him, and I firmly believe that he will receive Jesus as his savior, if not yet, very soon.

God is so good. I mean, really, SO GOOD.

Anyways, coming back to more of details of our ministry, each one of us in our team has been assigned to two classes, where I am teaching Japanese and Korean to the Cambodian students. In true honesty, I really don’t have that much confidence in Japanese or Korean. dsc01101Well, I can speak fluently but to teach the students the actual language… I thought I would be able to do it, but God gave me wisdom and I’ve been able to enjoy teaching my language class to my students. I really do love my students and they are very precious to me as I get to spend once a week sharing the gospel to them. I’ve shared them my testimony of how I used to live a crazy life in the darkness, but truly the Lord has saved me and changed me to be a better person. Well I’m still the transmission part of it. And hearing from my translator of my class, the students are really interested in this person “Jesus” who’s changed my life, where I’m full of joy in my life doing this ministry work in Cambodia.


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April 20 – Cambodia Outreach To The Unreached Villages

Dear Friends,

Yes, many friends all over the world who are remembering about me and reading my blogs and praying for me… I’m so blessed to have all my dear friends.

So here’s a three minute video that I put together to really briefly explain what we’ve done in the past two weeks in Cambodia

So my second week here in Cambodia has been quite an adventure. After our DTS team has moved from Phenom Phen to Battam Bang University of the Nations Base, we settled in for two days. On Saturday April 9th, our team had split up in three team to go out into the remote village to join the Battam Bang DTS student’s outreach. I was first told from the leaders that I would be going Seam Reap where the AnqourWatt is, but because one of our team mate became suddenly ill, I had to trade his spot to make my week life in the remote village in Prepersep.

I could probably write a whole essay just only on our way to Prepersep because so much has happened on our way but I’ll try to keep it concise. In order to go to Prepersep, three girls and I had to travel back to Phenom Phen which took us about 5~6 hours, and stayed a night over at the UofN base there again. Waking up in the morning at 4 AM, being told that we have our ‘designated taxi’ coming to pick us up at 5 AM, the girls and I prepared and waited outside of the base. Our ‘designated taxi’ arrived about and hour and half late around 6:30 ish, a van filled with 16 people with bagsand sacks of food, motorcycle stuffed and tied around it. The first thing that I thought to myself ‘danggggggg… dis gosta be illegal fo reals,’ We load up my guitar, our bags, and our selves squishing in with all of the other Cambodians in the van. dsc00996_0At this point we had 20 people on the van. We were told that the ‘taxi’ ride will get to our destination in about 3~4 hours… nope, the whole ride took us 8 hours in the squished van. Oh not to forget to mention, we picked up additional 5 people along on our ride, having total of 25 people in the van, driving along the no traffic laws, and the hot blazing 35 degrees Celsius (about 95 F) Cambodian weather. When I looked at the driver seat, I thought my eyes has gone wrong, because I saw two people in driver’s seat. Well, I wasn’t wrong, there were two people sitting in the drivers seat. I thought to myself…’ danggggggg… DIS GOSTA BE ILLEGAL FOR REAAAALS!!!’ When got to our destination after 8 hour ride including riding a ferry to cross the river, I just thank God that He gave us the supernatural grace to survive the ride and that we arrived safely to the church that we were going to stay for a week.

Through out the week, we stayed with the BattamBang DTS students at the church of the village. The week in the village was so different from what I was used to in my life. There were minimum accessibility to electricity, no internet,
dsc01002_0squatty potty, sleeping on a wooden floor with just pillow under the bug net, chicken and dogs under going crazy 24/7 right under where we slept and lived, taking a “shower” in the river trying to avoid not to be in there at the same time as the cows, challenging new Cambodian food,and just so many new experiences that changed my view of life. Honestly it could have been so easy for me to complain and never participate in the ministry, but God truly gave me the grace as I always recited to myself ‘I need more Jesus in my life!’ God really taught me that life could be lived in simplicity. I don’t need internet or a nice bathroom to take care of business, and He really allowed me to have more heart of thanks giving with the things that the Lord has blessed me in my life. What a blessing is it to have a nice and clean western style of bathrooms at home right?!


Never the less, God is so good, and He revealed His goodness to us during the ministry in the village. We spent a lot of time together with the BattamBang DTS students worshiping and praying for the village. Throughout the day we walked around the village, talked to many people, played with children, and sharing about Jesus and praying over those who are sick.
dsc00968During this week we had planted many seeds of the gospel to the village people, as they were so hungry to hear more about God’s Truth and about this person Jesus. We witnessed one salvation of an old man whose daughter was very ill and we had prayed for him and her daughter. We taught English to children, and on one afternoon, we taught the children how to be clean by washing their hairs and cutting their fingernails. I was personally was able to share my testimony to many people, and especially had the opportunity to build friendship and with the two local youths. Though 95% of our conversation was made by us saying “a dyol” which means “I don’t understand” in Khmer and just simple body languages, we laughed a lot and enjoyed building our friendship. Having one of the BattamBang DTS student translating for me, I was able to share my testimony and also really encourage the youths. On our very last evening at the church we celebrated the Khmer New Years by having the chief of the village come to the church. We ate traditional Khmer dinner of eating the fish that was caught in the river (where we took the “shower” with cows) and having fun time dancing. Next day we traveled back to Phenom Phen just as we got to the village and on the next day back to BattamBang.dsc01028

Now we are back in BattamBang and have began our ministry here. In the mornings we will be going around BattamBang helping out in the villages and orphanages. In the afternoon we are teaching at the Youth Center here on base where I will be teaching Korean and Japanese. Honestly I think I’ll be able to teach Japanese but I’m not confident with my Korean at all, so I’m seriously asking the Lord for more wisdom and patience and grace in teaching these classes. I will update more about our ministry here in BattamBang hopefully very soon. Also the photos from the first and second week of the outreach here in Cambodia can be found in the Pictures section or from the link below.

(Pictures from Week 1 - Killing Fields and Prison Camp)

(Pictures from Week 2 – Ministry in Remote Villages)

God is good, no matter what kind of situation I’m in. That’s even if I’m so tired or so sleepy or even in difficulty. I can praise God and truly submit everything to the Lord when I’m in need, but some times I wish that I could truly talk to someone in person. I’ve been truly struggling to find a person that I can open up to and share my real thoughts, being my real self. I need someone who has the heart to truly hear and love, and share words of encouragement, without trying to preach or teach me something by just pointing finger of every single wrongs in my life. Maybe that’s a selfish desire. But I think it’s a true desire for every person deep inside, just that many are too fearful in admitting this truth. Well, it’s not my point in trying to get philosophical questions. I guess, after all I can depend only on God. No Doubt there’s been so many good things that I want share because God had blessed me, but at the same time, there are many things that I want to rant about. But I will rant to the Lord. That is why I’m constantly asking the Lord for more super-natural grace in my life. With all sincerity I say, “I need more Jesus in my life.”



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April 7 – In Battambang Cambodia

Dear friends,

Our team Cambodia’s is live and well here in cambodia! We flew into Phenom Phen, the capital after a 1o hour flight from Kona Hawaii to Seoul Korea,


and 6 hours from Seoul to Phenom Phen on April 3 Sunday. The past week’s been pretty crazy with the traveling and trying to get used to the new culture here, but it’s been great and a lot of fun. When we were in Phenom Phen, literally every 5steps walking in downtown the smells changed and it was like from amazing food to sewage smell.Walking to one location to another is always an adventure as j-walking the streets are like a daily thing here. It’s literally like living a real life frogger haha (just that we only have one life ;) ). I’ve taken so video of us crossing the street, once their edited I will post them up :) .  During our three day stay, we visited the the S21 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the Killing Field memorials where over 17,000 people were killed from the Pol Pot’s Regime during the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. If you’ve heard or studied anything about the History of Cambodia, you’ll know how devastating these events has been and it’s only been less than 20 years since the end of the Khmer Rouge. It’s so evident of it’s after math as we only see many young people but rarely any of those who are aged 60 or over (because most of the older generation has been killed during the Khmer Rouge). It’s been prety dark and heavy going to these places. Our team got together in the middle of these places and prayed over for this country that God would truly break in and idols will fall.


April 6th, yesterday we got on the bus for 5hours traveling from Phenom Phen to Battambang where we’re going to do our ministry and outreach for the next 10 weeks. The weather is hot during the day just like Phenom Phen, but the city looks very different. The later in the night it does get a lot cooler though having a fan is a necessity.  Starting from tomorrow and saturday, 13 of us will split into three teams and will go out to remote villages for about 10 days joining in with the DTS Cambodia students at each locations. We’re untold of how it’s going to look at those places or what kind of ministry we will be involved in, but this will be our official first ministry work here in Cambodia.  While we’re out there most of us will most likely will not be able to have any internet access, so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of updates with blogs and pictures when we return from those places. My heart is really starting break for this country. The children’s smiling face, saying ‘hello~’ to us foreigners makes us happy at the same time breaks our heart to see their state of living in poverty. A lot of broken hearted, a lot of orphans… so many that needs to hear the name of Jesus and his amazing love. Please pray for us so that we will be able to share the gospel to the many broken hearted cambodians. With Love and Peace.



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March 31 – Last Day in Kona

It’s been a while since my last update on my blog. A lot has happened. Especially with what’s going on in Japan and the after effects from the damage caused by the earthquake. I’ve been staying contact with my parents and they’ve been letting me know that the situation is slowly getting better. Please continue to pray for Japan. Here’s a video of my youth kids in Japan being interviewed by the YWAM’s Grassrootsnews as they were fund raising for CRASH (a organization helping to aid those who have been involved in the damage of the earthquake.)

As for myself, I’ve got all of my things packed up, room cleaned, and I’m all prepared on my journey to Cambodia. Tomorrow morning 4:30AM we’ll be leaving this UofN Base and flying out to Honolulu, then to Seoul Korea, then to Cambodia. It’ll be quite a travel, but haha, I’m used to traveling so won’t be as bad as it sounds. It’s been a long but a quick three months of lecture phase. Already all of my friends from different DTS’s has left the base. I truly miss many of them already. Not fully sure of what to expect, yet I know that God’s going to take care of us. Few things that I do know is that there won’t be much of a free access to internet in Cambodia, especially in the area that we’re going to. So I’ll definitely have a harder time updating my blog or even my Facebook friends how I’m doing. It’ll be a change in life with less technology around me, but I’m sure there’s a lot to learn from it as well.

We do really need to pray for 60~ something people from the All Generation All Nation DTS friends because all of their sixty something passport has gone missing during the transit by the FedEx. The FBI’s even got involved with the search, so it’s pretty serious deal. Because of the loss of their passport, they won’t be able to leave their mission trip as it was planned. We all need to pray that the passport issue with resolved as soon as possible, and so that they’ll be able to do some awesome work in their outreach locations.

Ah, it’s so crazy to think that I’ll be in Cambodia in two days… it’s time to do some work in Cambodia… haha

Missing you all. Love & Peace

- Yohan

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March 15 – Nuclear Plant Meltdown in Japan and Chaos Continues

Dear friends,

Please let our prayers for Japan not cease, because even right now, the after shocks are happening and the numbers of people dead and lost are growing every moment. According to the news from Asahi News within 12 prefectures, 3373 people were reported dead and in 6 prefectures reported 7558 missing. Just with the numbers that has been reported and recorded by the police, the total number of deaths and missing have passed 10,000 people. And of course the number is continuing to rise.

For those who have not been informed yet, one of the nuclear reactor has began to melt down because the cooling system has broken down from the damage caused by the 9.0M earthquake on March 11. Now the radiation is being released from that place which the news are reporting that it is getting to the point where the radiation is harmful. I’ve called my parents back home in Tokyo, Japan, and my dad updated me saying that they are safe because they are quite far away from where the meltdown is happening. Never the less, all people in Japan must be careful because the air will carry the radiation, and especially people to avoid getting direct contact with the rain that contains the harmful radiation particles in them. Please continue to pray for safety for my parents and my friends and all the people in Japan.

Here is a picture where my friend posted on her facebook showing the chaos in downtown Tokyo. The grocery store literally is empty because people are impuls buying and there are lack of food and drinks for many people. People are panicking because they are not sure how long this will continue. Even on the news this morning, it was reported that as soon as stocks of food came into the store, there was a rush of people and it was all gone in a moment. We need to truly to pray for calmness and peace in the people’s heart in Japan. Right now is the time for people to start sharing and caring. The best that we can do is to consistently pray for Japan and if you are able, contribute to a non-profit organizations that are gathering donations to help those in need from the after math of the earthquake.

Even in the midst of this chaos, God is good. It is hard for us to understand why this has to happen, but we must have faith and see that God will bring restoration to Japan and bring hope and love back in to Japan. Here’s a word of encouragement that my friend shared with me last night. It is the priestly prayer:

24 “The LORD bless you
and keep you;
25 the LORD make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
26 the LORD turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”’

Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)

Honestly I’m getting physically exhausted from this, but when I imagine what’s happening in Japan I just cannot stop but praying and interceding. Oh Lord, break into the heart of Japan and let your word to be known! Let your good news be poured out to the people in Japan. Oh Jesus, have mercy, Oh Jesus, pour out your unfailing love over Japan. Bring restoration, oh Lord! Thank you for the cross…We trust in you.

- Yohan Na

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March 13 – Earthquake Damage in Japan Continues…

I want to update more about what’s been going on in Japan in real time. I’ve been paying a close attention to the news but they’ve got a lot of filtering of their information so I want to share exactly from the information that my friends in Japan are experiencing.

My very close friend back from Highschool has been updating me that the train line has completely stopped which means that all the Japanese buissnessmen who needs to comute to work are not able to go to their office. He had told me that, right after the 2001-3-11 earthquake of M9.0, he had to walk 8 hours to go back to his home. There’s a great number of food shortage where there’s no more food in the market place at all in down town tokyo, and all the restaurants has compeletly sold out of it’s food stock. My friend had just posted up some of the picture of the only things that he have in hand on facebook. He’s mentioned how he’s really starving from not being able to get enough food for himself. He jokingly talked about our wilderness camp that we had back in high school has come to help him out in this situation to survive. As much we wished this was all a joke but now it’s become a reality, and it’s causing a huge chaos in Japan. Also he’s mentioned that there’s a an definite shortage of electricity all over Japan where the country has decided to turn off some of the areas’ electricity completely off to conserve the electricity that they have in Japan. My friend mentioned that it’s the power outage happens almost every three hours.

The earthquakes in Japan has been still on going almost at every 15~30minutes where the after shocks are considered much more dangerous than the first earthquakes. The numbers of the casualties and deaths are continuing to rise every day and every moment, and the number of people’s death recorded at this right moment has passed1,500 people and it is said to be about 1,647people and still counting. The number of people who have been reported lost or missing has numbered to be 1,720 people and 1,990 who have been severely injured. The police report says that within the six prefectures, there has been about 371,900 people have been put to evacuation from their homes and their cities. These numbers are continuing to rise everyday and every moment (Yahoo! Japan). Also it is siad to be that there are 70% chance or higher that within the next three days, there will be another earthquake that is over 7.0M. (Yahoo!Japan)

I’ve made this graphic to support and bring more awareness about the earthquake in Japan. It is in 1440×900 pixel so that it would fit my desktop wallpaper, but feel free to use this image for your facebook or anywhere. If you want to have it in a certain size, please leave a comment and I will upload more various size of the images. (Click here to Download)

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
says the LORD, who has compassion on you.  Isaiah 54:10

With no doubt, we need to continue to pray for Japan as the earthquake is still happening right now. Please also pray for my family and my friends who are in Japan in the midst of this chaos. I am sincerely praying and interceding for Japan.



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March 11 – Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Last night, as soon as I heard that the earthquake hit Japan and the Tsunami as well, I wasn’t able to contact my parents for about an hour because all the phone lines were jammed in Japan. As many of us were praying in the prayer room interceding for Japan, we asked God to open up the communications, and declared that it would open up within the next five minutes, and it surely did. God is awesome and he hears our prayers. My family is safe, but please continue to pray for them as we don’t know what may happen in Japan. Please specifically pray for people in Sendai where almost 30ft tall Tsunami has swept over the land and destroyed the whole place. May this be a turning point in Japan where people will come to know God.

All Pictures from

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March 9 – Truth in the Lord and Enemy Lies

Dear friends,

For the past three days, may of us has been just so blessed to hear amazing teachings from Allen Hood. Here’s a little biography about him straight from his website.

“Allen Hood (M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary) serves as the Associate Director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. As the Associate Director, he is deeply committed to promoting the establishment of unceasing corporate worship and intercession in every tribe, tongue, and nation. His highest call as an intercessory missionary and a leader of the prayer movement is to intercede for the fullness of God to be released in the church worldwide and to labor for the strengthening of the global prayer and missions movement. Allen also serves as the President of the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU). The school’s mandate is to equip and send out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who will work to see revival within the church and a harvest among those searching for God. Allen resides in Kansas City with his wife Rachel and their three sons.”

His words are fill with authority, being filled and led by the Holy Spirt. His teaching has been beyond inspiring, but truly an impartation of his wisdom and revelation. The three main themes of the past three nights, were: We are the vessel of the living God, true beauty of self image in the eyes of the Lord, Baptism of Fire from the Holy Spirt. It’s been an extremely power experience being being in the prayer room and really feeling the presence of the Lord and also witnessing people being encountered by the Holy Spirit. Of course, me, being on of those who have experienced the baptism of the fire from the Holy Spirt, our eyes have become so much more open and are able to really see the spiritual battle of the light and darkness.

Enemy fears the light. They try to bring lies to our ears and continue to tell us that we are incapable to be loved by God, or we are failures in His eyes. The Enemy tries to put us in a comfort zone of sin where we become blinded in darkness. And even for the past three days I’ve been having an amazing experience with God, today I was surely attacked from the enemy. As I’ve been part of the wednesday worship team every week, it’s probably one of my most excited day of the week, but today for some reason I could not sing, I could not lead worship. I literally felt that the enemy was shutting my music off so that I could not engage with the Lord. After the worship, I fet so attacked and felt miserable, but my worship set friends really prayed for me and we rebuked the enemies lie in the name of Jesus Christ. I felt much lighter in my heart and feel peace in me, yet I’m askin the Lord to fill me with His love and joy. The craziest thing is that, even if I feel terrible at times, God is Good and He never Fails. God is Good.


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March 7 – Forgive & Forgiven

Dear friends,

It’s been a while again since my last update. Everyday is just filled with lectures and prayer time and worship that I have hard time spending solid time to write my blog posts. Honestly, I have been going through a lot of tough time in the past two three week. As I’ve shared some of my stories of the break through that I’ve had, I’ve also been really attacked a lot and my hearts been troubled and stirred up a lot. Even the littlest things can easily bother me and those things starts to pile up inside of me and it just overloads sometimes. I’ve been asking the Lord to help me overcome my weakness and rebuking the enemy for his lies. Jesus won the victory 2000 years ago where the enemy has no place to dwell in the presence of the people in the light. I am weak but He is strong. Every time I fall, He picks me up. Why I am dry He fills me up. God is good.

Today I want to especially share with you what happened on March 1. For those who are Korean would know about the significance of that day, which is the national holiday remembering the March 1 Movement that happen on the 1919. It is a historic day for Koreans where on this day, Koreans went out to speak against the oppression from Japanese. It is a day where many Koreans remember about their loss of their grandparents and our ancestors who suffered during those years.

My father sent me an e-mail explaining about the importance of the this day especially for Him and our family’s mission organization, because during the years that Korea was under Japanese oppression, many of our pastors and churches were attacked. For my parents who has been missionary in Japan for almost 20 years, it’s a big deal for us because we still carry this pain but because of Christ’s Love, our family is there to share the Gospel. I’m not here to share about how hard it has been for my family during our 20 years in Japan or about the pain that Koreans suffered during those years. What I really want to share is about the miracles of inner healings and true forgiveness.

Waking up in the morning, the Lord really put a word on my heart to gather people and pray for healing and asking for forgiveness for holding bitterness against Japanese because of what has happened in the past. As the Lord told me do this, I wasn’t sure how to go about to do this, but I just texted some of my friends to gather at our class room from 5~6 PM so that we could pray for Japan and for ourselves. Still not sure what to do, or what to say, a few people gathered at 5 and we sang some worship songs and started to pray. More people began to gather and we had about 15~20 in the room. Then my dearest friend and older sister from my highschool came into the room and started pray as well. He’s half Japanese and half American, and for her to be in this room was extremely significant in the midst of many Koreans. Then the Holy Spirit began to move in the room. She got down on her knees and began to cry out for forgiveness on the behalf of Japanese, and for Koreans to hear this, most of us for the first time in our life, it shook something inside of us really hard and peoples eyes were filled with tears. While she was crying out for forgiveness, her another friend who is a Korean girl brought out a bucket filled with water and a towel. She washed the other girl’s feet praying that all there is true forgiveness and now we are claiming reconciliation and love. This moment was so powerful, and I surely felt that something was being freed. We didn’t just end there but many of us Koreans asked for forgiveness for being bitter and hating Japanese because of the past. We all got together, held hands in a circle, forgiving and asking for forgiveness and receiving forgiveness. The room was filled with reconciliation and love. We all understand that it was extremely symbolic in the matter that we were representing our countries but God did bring healing to those who have participated. I really experienced the power of forgiveness, where forgiveness come from the act of true love, there is a change and there can be a revival. God is so good, and I continue to pray that there will be true reconciliation of the nations and that He would reclaim all the nations as His people. God is good.

- Yohan

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February 27 – Down Goes My Computer

Dear friends,

By the grace of God, He’s fully provided me for all my lecture fees and my out reach fee! God is good, and He provides in my financial areas!

I’ve got a very sad announcement though… Well, for me at least it’s a huge deal… My dearly macbook pro had crashed and it’s not allowing me to boot up. The IT team and several of us been trying to figure out if theres a way to fix it but so far there hasn’t been a solution. I’m able to access my hard drive (thank goodness) so ill probably be able to back up my work on to my external harddrive. I might be able to fix the computer but for sure about this… Anyhow, I’ve been really getting this word from God that its about time for me to get a new laptop. Sounds very selfish, but even before my computer crashed I felt like God was telling me that with better equipment I’ll be able to glorify God even more with the tallent that He’s given me for Graphic Design and art. So the problem is the finance. I really dont have the financial freedom to get a new computer. But I’m sure that the Lord’s preparing me a some way in getting a new computer. So please pray for me, and if the Lord leads you to support me, I will send you two or three of my postcard with my designs on them :) . Id like for all my readers to see how God can provide even for the Financial need. Well, Im just going to believe in Him that He’s going to provide.